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Channel Education Institute

Channel Education Institute Pvt. Ltd. (CEI) was established in 2nd September 2008. It is a private educational Consultancy, exam preparation, and language development centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its inception, CEI has achieved phenomenal growth by successfully sending pupils to the United States of America and to Australia within this short period of time. CEI is sure to emerge as the market leader in this sector in the Land of Nepal.

Since its establishment in the year 2008, it has been tirelessly catering the needs, requirements, and expectations of the pupils through its unmatched services. Within a short span of time, it has been able to treasure the true administration of the pupils who experienced its hassle free guidance and the supreme service quality. Its well-trained, experienced counselors and faculties have been truly successful to dispel all the myths by providing only the facts to the pupils.

CEI takes a huge pride to establish itself as a pioneer solution-oriented organization, a one-stop center for all those who need assistance in choosing the right career paths within the individual’s parameters like academic profile, financial situations, and study objectives.

With the regular improvements and upgrade on its services, latest materials, courses, and the important aspects required meeting the global standards; CEI has been making the pupils’ experience worthwhile and a milestone in their career.

Our Mission

Our primary emphasis is to counsel students to seek out the proper academic destinations. We work to assist students to find suitable courses for vocational education and better studies in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs. Selection of majors and match students’ requirements for their educational destinations. We provide excellent counselling as per the economic, social and interest of the students. Proper counseling has allowed our students to maximize their academic horizon to study abroad. As soon you walk into Asian Education, we are ready to assist with our experts

We offer selective but holistic services that initiate from assessing the scholars right out of high school to creating their final educational activity destination choices and selecting a career path.

Our Vision

The CEI founders realized in the early millennium that there was now an urgent need to establish an education consultancy in Nepal that could provide world-class education and was at par with international standards, in order to prepare Nepalese pupils to sit for the international preparation courses.

They also realized that Nepalese pupils must learn new languages to meet the demands of newly industrialized organizations and be eligible for selection at foreign colleges and universities for higher education. Having studied abroad, our founders established this institute in line with top educational institutes that they had attended or visited in India.

This was the first objective of CEI- to establish a truly world class institute in Nepal that would provide world class service that had remained conspicuous by their absence till then in Nepal.

In the larger perspective, CEI wishes to establish itself as a global player, having already consolidated its position in the national market. Areas such as test materials preparation and curriculum development in the future are the ones that we are most interested in. Above all, we have the benefit of pupil and client in mind. It is this, and only this, that is our prime focus as well as responsibility. We believe in “HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS”.


Message from Chairperson

Kiran Bhandari

I am delighted that you have decided to read my address and hope that I meet your expectation in this message. I write this as a Nepali youth who has faced adversity and forged ahead in his quest for high standards. I write this message in the hope that some Nepali students may benefit from my experience as an international student.

It is a challenging task for a Nepali student to stand out in the international student body, but there are many who have done Nepal proud internationally. What is needed is an unwavering focus and unswerving commitment. It actually begins at the very stage you are in as you read this message. No matter what you have done till now, academically and professionally, what you do from now is going to decide your future.

Our Team

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Upen KC
Program Director
Ashish Khatri
Kiran Bhandari
Tchitiz Karki
Managing Director


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