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What is TOEFL?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL test is a standardized English proficiency test that measures the ability of non-native English speakers. The TOEFL scores are accepted by many universities and are also used for screening the fluency of English for potential job applicants and for immigration visas around the world. Some universities consider TOEFL test as a mandatory requirement for admission purposes.

Universities located in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, and many other exemplary regions are advocates of TOEFL exam.

Check out the latest features introduced in the TOEFL test.

TOEFL Exam details

Name of the Exam Test of English as a Foreign Language
Official Website https://www.ets.org/toefl
Exam Mode Online | Paper-Based
Number of Sections Four
Duration 3 hours 20 minutes | 4 hours 20 minutes
Fees INR 12,750


Types of TOEFL

TOEFL is an extremely reliant examination. The test has two modes iBT and PBT you can choose either a mode of examination according to your preference.

What is TOEFL iBT?

iBT stands for the Internet-based test. The TOEFL iBT test is conducted through online mode, the method of evaluating English fluency skills is the same. It evaluates an individual’s English fluency skills on Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking parameters.

What is TOEFL PBT?

PBT stands for Paper-based test. This type of test is conducted on paper, the TOEFL PBT examines an individual’s fluency in the English language on parameters of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.

However, both these tests have some notable differences. To understand better refer the following table defining major differences between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT –

Classification TOEFL iBT TOEFL PBT
Full form TOEFL Internet-Based Test TOEFL Paper Based Test
Sections Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Reading, Writing, Listening and Structure
Time 4 hours 3 hours
Fees USD 140 – USD 185 USD 140


TOEFL Exam Eligibility

Nepali students aspiring to study abroad can especially benefit from appearing for the TOEFL test. The TOEFL test is reliable in many ways. The TOEFL Exam Eligibility is favorable to students aspiring to study overseas. If you are an individual who has acquired their 10+2 certificate, you are easily eligible to appear for the TOEFL test. Anyone with an aspiration to study abroad can not only acquire the seat to study abroad but will also end up brushing up their English fluency skills.

TOEFL Exam Dates

TOEFL is undoubtedly a  great choice of English proficiency examination especially if you are aiming to pursue your higher education in countries such as the USA, The UK, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia. The TOEFL test covers and conducts the examination in the Nepal.

The TOEFL test dates are also pliable, the exam is conducted at least 5 times each month leaving enough time for you to prepare for your exciting future. You can schedule and book a center for your TOEFL test near you by visiting their official website.

Countries that accept TOEFL scores

The TOEFL examination is often referred to be the ticket to foreign universities. With augmenting your over-all adaptability towards the English language, the test happens to boost your confidence skills as well. Many countries and universities are advocates of this proficiency test. You can visit the TOEFL website to get the list of countries that accept the TOEFL scores for immigration visas and higher education.

TOEFL Scores

The TOEFL test has been designed in a student-friendly manner. The candidate’s comfortable with the paper-pen format can choose TOEFL PBT (Paper – Based Test). On the other hand, individuals who find the internet mode of examination as their source of comfort can choose TOEFL iBT. The scoring system of TOEFL PBT is different than that of TOEFL iBT. Therefore, understanding these scores separately in an explicit manner with parameters of exam pattern is recommendable.

TOEFL Exam Pattern

TOEFL iBT Exam Pattern

TOEFL iBT is an English proficiency test that is administered via the Internet. The TOEFL iBT exam pattern is categorized into FOUR sections namely – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

TOEFL Exam Section Duration
Reading 60 – 80 minutes
Listening 60-90 minutes
BREAK 10 minutes
Speaking 20 minutes
Writing 50 minutes

SECTION 1 – Reading

SECTION 2 – Listening 

SECTION 3- Speaking

SECTION 4 – Writing

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