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Why should you choose USA?

There is a wave of enthusiasm among young students in Nepal to study in the USA . This is because of the wide choices of courses available and the excellent facilities that far reaching universities of the USA have to offer. No matter what the  reason is, Channel Education provides a successful guiding path for your USA Education journey and our successful number of students for USA education back our claims

We have a highly experienced and certified Professional team for your visa processing. From the Inception of Channel Education we have successfully guided 3000+ students to acquire visas for undergraduate and graduate programs in USA  .

Every year Universities in the USA attract thousands of international students from across the globe. Currently there are over 500,000 international students  pursuing higher education in the USA. Every year the number is increasing. There are more than 4000 educational institutions that offer undergraduates, post graduates, masters and doctorate degrees. With wide ranges of courses one can specialize in any desired area. The US provides good value for money in case of higher studies . It is one of the best investments for a secure future. A wide range of tuition fees , accommodation options & financial help facilities  from different institutions in  form of scholarships, fee waivers, aid etc makes USA education affordable.

Why Study in the USA ? 

Excellent Academics 

The U.S. gives some of the world’s best quality  education, particularly in the field of management , information technology , Artificial intelligence , Engineering etc . U.S. degrees are perceived all around the world and are viewed as truly outstanding in the world.


USA is a destination for many international students across the world. Although , Good universities have high fees and cost of living. With Good Application and test scores we can bag financial aids , Scholarship , assistantships which make the overall fee structure very affordable. At the same time International Students are allowed to work for 20/hr per Week from which students can earn as well as manage their living and expenses.


USA education is flexible in terms of choosing courses , scheduling classes and can even take a break from the study. US Universities also allow you to  transfer courses and even colleges. This is the reason why many international students choose the USA for their higher studies. 

Top Ranking Universities 

USA is home to one of the largest top ranking colleges in the world. These colleges are exceptional in terms of infrastructure , course design , technology and quality education. With good application and test scores , one can easily get into top universities in the USA. 

Great Placement 

USA universities not only offer quality education but also provide great placement for international students. Most of the companies in the US directly hire college graduates. Most of the students after graduating get good jobs and the pay scale is also good which makes it a great destination for education as well as career development. 

Types of Institution 

USA has one of the most flexible education systems in the world. Students can easily choose the courses according to their interest and specialization. There are mainly three types of institution in USA which are as follows :- 

Public Universities :- 

These are the universities in the US which are financially backed by general public taxes. These universities have state ownership and receive funds through state government. These public universities generally charge high tuition fees for international students and provide subsidies to in-state students. Some of the best public universities are  , Ohio State University , University of California , University of Michigan , Georgia Institute of Technology , Pennsylvania State University, Kansas State University, University of Texas

Private Universities 

Almost 60% of the colleges in the US are based on private Universities. These are the universities which are not under the control of the government. Tuition fee at private universities are generally higher than public universities but most of the private universities offer good scholarship and assistantship to the students. Some of the good private universities are Harvard University   , Stanford University   , MIT University  , Yale University  , Duke University , Columbia University etc.   

Community Colleges

In the USA , Community colleges are basically two year public institutions which are much affordable and are for post secondary education. Community colleges have become very popular among international students before transferring to other good universities. There are many benefits of community colleges like lower tuition fee ,small class size and one to one assistance from the faculty. But the major drawback is that the education degree from community is not accredited among good colleges.

Application Process 

Generally USA colleges have two intakes which are  

Fall Intake

Spring Intake

August/September January/February

Although there are two intakes the major intake is Fall. Most of the universities allocate a high amount of scholarship in fall and sizes of classes are also big. 

English Language Requirements

All students are required to provide English language proficiency test scores to the respective college. Most of the colleges accept IELTS or TOEFL. For a specific test you need to check the required English proficiency test of the college. Generally Colleges accept a TOEFL score of 90 for Post-graduate program and 80 above for undergraduate studies. For IELTS overall band score of 6.5 is considered by most of the colleges but higher scores are better.

Required Documents

Things to remember 


Scholarships and Financial Aid 

There are many Scholarships and Financial aid available for international students in the United States. Scholarship and Financial aid vary from college to college. Generally , Financial Aids provided to good performing students in academics and extracurricular activities. Scholarships and Aids are based upon individual need , availability of funds and educational cost. Most of the scholarships provided by the colleges are limited. So , it is in best interest of the student to start the application as early as possible to receive the limit scholarship opportunity. At Channel Education we have history of successfully guiding students to get high amount of scholarship 













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  • Why Study in the USA?

    The United States of America (USA) hosts the most number of international students in the world. Quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities are just some of the reasons why many International students want to study in the US.